Battle River

In 1976, some of the Brethren living in Stettler, Alberta came up with the idea to form a Shrine Club in their home town. This new Club would include members from Camrose, Alliance, Forestburg, Daysland, Sedgewick and Killam.

Al Azhar Temple requested that we name our Club “The Battle River Shrine Club” and on September 17th, 1977 we received our Charter. Our membership now stands at 44.

On November 18th, 1995 the Club was dissolved and re-chartered under the Al Shamal Shrine Temple. Thus our history with Al Shamal is rather short although our history dates back to 1977.

Our membership is quite widespread, with some Nobles travelling as much as 150 kms to attend meetings Average attendance is about 22 members. Some of our members refer to our club as the “Social Club”. Because of the distance some of our Nobles have to travel for meetings, we include the ladies for at least four of them, thus the term the “Social Club”.

We traditionally have one fund raising project per year, which is a raffle of cash that raises about $2900.00 annually. Over the past 15 years the Club has contributed $40,000 to Shriner Hospitals.

Presently the dues are nominal.

We welcome new Nobles to join our Club and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting your Lady.