The Al-Wa Club of Lloydminister, Canada’s only border city, being divided by the Alberta-Saskatchewan boundary, is in itself somewhat unique. Although the Al Shamal Temple is the principal sponsor, there is a joint responsibility to and from the Wa Wa Temple of Saskatchewan. It is a harmonious relationship with excellent cooperation received from both Temples.The Al-Wa Club was formed in 1978 with Noble Barry Wilford as the founding President. Since then it has grown to over 25 members.

The Al-Wa Shrine Club is active in the local area. The Oil Patrol, twelve mini cars and a float, attend most local parades and summer fair days.

In addition to the annual Shrine Circus, the principal fund raising project is the monthly bingo. The Club raises in excess of twenty thousand per annum for the Shrine Hospitals.

The annual dues are nominal. The Club cost for a motorized vehicle is $1000.00 and the member user fee is $500.00.

The Unit meets with the ladies the third Wednesday of the month except July & August at the Wayside Inn in Lloydminister at 6:00pm. There are members within a 100 mile radius.

For more information on the Al-Wa Club please contact the Al Shamal Office.