Director's Staff

Arab Patrol

As a Shrine Mason you can become part of the Director’s Staff Unit engaged in the mission of helping children while having fun.

The Director’s Staff Unit was approved for all Shrine Centres in 1919 by the Imperial Shrine. Our Director’s Staff Unit was originally formed in 1951 as a Unit with the Edmonton Shrine Club operating under the Al Azhar Shrine Centre, located in Calgary. In 1985 Al Shamal Shrine Centre, Edmonton was given its charter and encompassed all the Units under the Edmonton Shrine Club. We currently have 40 members in the Director’s Staff.

Our unit is not the most visible in the workings of the Al Shamal Shriners but we are here doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Our aims and objectives, according to our bylaws are fourfold: to serve Shrine activities, assist in the initiation of candidates, participate in parades, and assist in major activities for the welfare of the Shrine.

  • The Director’s Staff are responsible for the care of the candidates during the second section of their initiation. This is a most memorable time for the candidates and the Director’s Staff takes great pride in this responsibility. It is the Director’s Staff that ensures that candidates for the Shrine receive a proper welcome into the Nobility.
  • The Director’s Staff participate in a number of parades through-out the summer months. We maintain a 1946 fire truck and a fleet of 8 go-carts for use during these move-outs.
  • We provide manpower for the Circus and other functions as requested by the Potentate.
  • The Director’s Staff sell Shrine/Masonic jewelry and gifts as a fund raiser for our unit.
  • The Al Shamal Director’s Staff are members of the Shrine Directors Association (SDA). The SDA holds an annual conference in the United States. A number of our members have attended these conferences and found them to be quite beneficial.

The Director’s Staff meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Al Shamal Shrine Centre. We welcome any Noble who can assist us with our duties and responsibilities. There is no initiation fee and our annual dues are $25.00. The Unit provides each member with a uniform at no cost other than a $100.00 deposit.

Talk to us about what we do and consider joining this Fun Unit.