Motor Corps

Arab Patrol

The Edmonton Shrine Motor Corps was formed in 1966 and has earned the title “Signature Unit” in Al Shamal because of its ability to regularly place (and often win) competitions at PNSA and Imperial events. Motor Corps is an International Award Winning, precision drill team. We modify our complex completion routine for the enjoyment of spectators at parades.

Like most Shrine Units, the objectives of the Motor Corps are to support the philanthropic work of the Shrine and have fun and comradely while doing it. We do this through participation in parades, the Circus and PNSA and Imperial competitions. Participation in parades and the circus help us promote the Shrine and Shine Hospitals to the general populations throughout Northern Alberta.

The Unit is made up of Riders, Honorary Past Riders and Associate members. Riding members are expected to be active through their regular attendance at Unit meetings, participation in parades, move-outs and PNSA and Imperial competitions as well as attending Al Shamal meetings, Ceremonials, Circus and other events. Our active (Rider) membership is limited to about 25 due to the number of available bikes. Those who apply beyond the number of bikes are put on waiting list until a bike becomes available. We ride 1967 Honda 50 cc “Monkey” Motor Bikes which are stock machines except for chromed fenders, gas tanks, custom mufflers and an added windscreen.

Compared to other Al Shamal units, we charge a large initiation fee, which is mostly a “deposit” on the bike. The deposit portion of the fee is refundable when the rider retires or becomes a non-rider. All expenses relative to the upkeep of the bike from the time it is issued is the member’s responsibility. Our annual dues are low; however, the cost of membership can be high. All move-outs are accompanied by our Vice-President’s Hospitality Package for us and our ladies, parades are usually followed by lunch and at major move-outs, a special dinner. We often provide a hospitality suite for members and invited guests at special events. The cost of this entertainment and hospitality is shared by all Riders through regular assessments.

We are a very active and close knit Unit and we welcome all like minded members of Al Shamal to consider getting involved in the “Signature Unit”.