Provost Corps

The Provost Corps was formed in April of 1986 with 15 members. Of that group 11 remain active today. Noble Barry Wood was elected to serve as the first Captain of the Provost Corps.

During the years, the membership fell to a low of 14, but currently stands at 31 active members and one honorary life member.

The object of the Provost Corps is to promote the welfare and maintain the proper decorum of the members of the Al Shamal Temple as may be directed by the Potentate and to perform such duties that may be directed by the Marshall.

Duties include escorting the Potentate and members of the Divan at Shrine functions and maintaining security at all stated meetings.

Fundraising in recent years has been very successful and proceeds are for the support of Shrine Hospitals.

Our members are situated in Edson, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Lloydminister and Edmonton and are well placed to serve the Potentate, Divan and members of the Al Shamal.

There are no initiation fees but annual dues are collected yearly.

The Provost Corps uniform is shown in the picture above. Purchase and maintenance of the uniform is the responsibility of the member and accessories are provided by the Unit. Contact the Al Shamal Provost Corps for more information.