Silver Wings

The Silver Wings were formed in 2008 by 5 novice Shriners. The ride of choice is a go cart type motorized unit with an airplane body (orange and silver wings) thus the name Silver Wings. At present there is no cost to our unit member for the airplanes. However, the maintenance and care of the plane is the responsibility of the unit member or the unit team.

The Silver Wings motto is “Fun first, Fun second and Fun third”. The Wings participate in the various functions and events that the Potentate and the temple have and of course we take part in as many parades as we can throughput the parade season.

Our annual dues of $25.00 are collected with your application to join.  We also earn operating funds by putting on Silver Wings events to raise money. So needless to say, sweat equity by our team is what keeps the Silver Wings in the air. We do plan regular unit meetings to discuss what fun items we are going to do and the regular unit business.

We have a dress code. Each unit member is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their own attire. The code consists of leather air cap, goggles, white scarf, winger shirt, 50 mission crush hat, unit jacket and formal winger business dress. The unit has a supplier for these items so the new member just needs to get sized up and purchase them. The unit will place the order. We are in the initial growth stage of this unit so any member that is not already attached to a unit is more than welcome to join up or at the very least come out and see what we are all about.

For further information on this high flying unit contact:
Art Nordholm: 780-459-2578 or email
Calum Peace: 780-436-0714 or email

Or contact any of the Silver Wing Unit Members they will be more than happy to assist you in any manner they can.

If you want to fly with the Shrine then the Silver Wings is your unit of choice.