All Temples are governed by a slate of elected officers, known as the “Divan”. The officers of our Divan have the following titles:

  • Illustrious Potentate
  • Chief Rabban
  • Assistant Rabban
  • High Priest & Prophet
  • Oriental Guide
  • Treasurer
  • Recorder

The seven officers of Al Shamal’s Divan are elected to one-year terms of office. The ultimate goal is to move up the line to eventually become the Potentate. The Treasurer and Recorder do not move up the line. They retain these offices for as long as they are elected. The Illustrious Potentate appoints the remainder of the appointed Divan following his election in January.

2015 Potentate
Ill Sir Terry Chapman

Chief Rabban
Noble Murray Sutherland

Asst. Rabban
Noble Fred Susan

High Priest & Prophet
Ron Ryland

Oriental Guide
Rick Shumilak

Noble Neville Bush

Noble Gary Willis