Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures
For over 80 years, Shriners Hospitals for Children have provided some of the best medical care in the world, totally free of charge, to more than 800,000 children with orthopaedic problems, severe burns and spinal cord injuries.

In 2005, Shriners Hospitals approved 37,755 new patient applications, attended to the needs of 123,385 patients and provided the following free of charge:

  • 228,261 radiology procedures.
  • 305,455 outpatient, outreach and telemedicine visits.
  • 67,735 orthotic and prosthetic devices applied.
  • 24,627 surgical procedures.
  • 227,857 occupational therapy treatments.

Shriners Hospitals’ total budget for 2006 is $649 million, of which $616 million is targeted for operating expenses (including $33, million for research) and $33 million for buildings and equipment expenditures.  During the 84-year history of the Shriners Hospitals, approximately $ 7.6 billion has been spent to operate Shriners Hospitals, and over $1.73 billion has been spent on construction and renovation.