Hospital Committee

The primary responsibility of this committee is to make as many people as possible aware of the types of medical services provided by the Shrine Hospitals for children up to 18 years. This is accomplished by Shriners making referrals to the committee and through the efforts of our public relations committee.

Once a potential patient is identified, an application and covering letter is sent to the parents outlining the services provided and advising them that all costs to travel to a Shrine Hospital is paid by the Shriners.

Upon completion of the application, it is forwarded on to the applicable Hospital to be assessed by the chief of staff for treatment.

Once the patient is accepted to be seen at the Hospital the parents are contacted and arrangements for air travel, hotel and meals are finalized by the committee. The Hospital is advised that one parent and the patient will be arriving at the Hospital in time to be seen by the appropriate doctors.

For return trips to the Hospital for additional treatment at a later date, the same travel arrangements are done as many times as is necessary until the child reaches the age of 18 years or the medical condition does not warrant any further treatment.