Hospital Transportation Fund

The opportunity for the public to make a donation to the Shriners in an effort to help the Children of Northern Alberta up to the age of 18 years receive treatment for Orthopedic, Burns and Spinal Cord injury is possible through this fund.

One hundred percent of your donation is eligible for an income tax receipt.

The funds received are used to pay the cost of transportation, accommodation and meals for the child and one parent when they travel to one of the 22 Shrine Hospitals in the system for the necessary medical treatment.

All medical procedures performed at a Shrine Hospital, as well as the cost to send the child and parent is at no charge to the family.

Please consider supporting this very worthwhile Fund in an effort to give as many children as possible the opportunity to be treated by our doctors at a Shrine Hospital.

To help you make the decision to support Shriners financially, please read more about the Shriners Hospitals to learn of the heritage to help children at a Shriners Hospital, as well as details of the services provided.